The Academy


The Canberra Wing Chun Academy was established in 1980 by Master Allan Graham.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a system of Chinese martial arts with an emphasis on unarmed close-range combat, although its curriculum includes weapons and techniques suitable for various ranges. It is an aggressive style with very compact and economical attacks and defenses. Developed in Southern China during the 18th-20th centuries, Wing Chun is not based on animal movements, nor does it demand extraordinary physical abilities such as some Northern Kung Fu styles.

Wing Chun is suitable for both men and women of all ages, where strength, size and mass are not the underlining basis of the style. It is an effective fighting style based on the mechanics of the human body and on the conservation of time (speed), motion (center-line) an energy (power).

Formal competitions in Wing Chun are not encouraged as the Academy wishes to keep Wing Chun’s effectiveness as a fighting style, rather than teaching it as a sport. Rules and point systems are not the underlying basis when evaluating the skill of a practitioner.

All classes are taught and supervised by fully accredited instructors and led personally by Sifu Allan Graham 7 days a week.